Guest Movie Review – The Three Stooges by Matt Pirrello

17 Apr

I have to apologize.  I thought I posted this review last week, but when I went to post our other guest review, I saw that this one was nowhere to be found.

Matt Pirrello is the owner of Wolff Industries, a West St. Louis County contracting firm and is, for another 20 or so hours, the mayor of Ellisville, Missouri.  Minutes after he stops being the mayor, he will once again become a City Council member.  I am flattered that he refers to me as his dear friend, and feel the same about him.  No money changed hands to influence our opinions of each other.


My dear friend Charles ask me to write a review of the Three Stooges Movie.

He was kind enough to share his passes with me knowing that I am a knucklehead at heart.  Though my opinion might be mildly biased I thought the movie was hilarious.  This was a tribute to the kings of comedy.

The cast was perfect and each and every slap, hammer swing, eye poke and yuk was spot on.  I grew up watching reruns of the old Stooges shorts after school with my Mom, and these guys have it down.  They must have spent a huge amount of study time on their characters.

If you have any expectations that this movie is something other than its title, I wouldn’t waste your time.  If on the other hand, you, like me, continue to DVR The Three Stooges every time they are on TV then you will absolutely love this movie.

Thanks Charles, let’s catch the next movie together.


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