31 Days of Oscar…Now 30 Days

2 Feb

I apologize that in my Oscar Miscellany post I neglected to include Turner Classic Movies’ annual 31 Days of Oscar schedule.  For an entire month leading up to (and following) the Oscars, TCM builds its schedule around Oscar nominees.  This year, they’re doing something (I think) a little different:  During the day, all movies shown will have been nominated in a specific category, throughout the years.  In the evening, the movies will all have been nominated in a specific category for a specific year.  Saturdays and Sundays are all Best Picture marathons; today has a selection of BP nominees from the 40s, 50s, and 60s during the day, and all of the 1945 nominees tonight.  Tomorrow is a run of Best Costume Design nominees during the day, leading into all of the Best Costume Design, Color nominees from 1954 in the evening.  Most days, the category during the day and in the evening are the same, though this isn’t true throughout; Tuesday 2/4 has Best Foreign Film during the day, with Best Director 1932/1933 at night.

There are a lot of great movies on the schedule, though I was remiss in not posting this earlier; the 10 Best Picture nominees from 1939, generally considered the greatest year in movie history, aired yesterday.

The complete schedule is available in PDF format at the link above, or in a really neat interactive version with articles on each movie, here.


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