Movie Nosh – American Hustle

1 Mar

What? American Hustle
By? David O. Russel
Starring? Christian Bale, Jeremy Renner, Bradley Cooper, Amy Adams, Jennifer Lawrence
What’s It About? The Abscam scandal, a 1970s sting operation in which the FBI nailed congressmen and senators from New Jersey for accepting bribes from a fake Arab sheik
How Is It? Very good. With a soundtrack that evokes the 70s and a sea of bad hairstyles and cleavage baring dresses, the era is fully embodied. Nominated performances by Bale, Lawrence, Cooper, and Adams are ably supported in a tale that crosses the FBI, politicians, and con artists with just a dash of the mob. Russell may play fast and loose with the facts, but the result is a highly entertaining con film which, as acknowledged at the beginning of the movie, “Some of this really happened”. I don’t think any of the performances are strong enough to win this year, although Lawrence steals every scene she’s in.


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