Movie Nosh: Nebraska

1 Mar

The second week of the AMC Best Picture Showcase kicked off with a small black and white film which explored larger themes.

What Was It? Nebraska
Who’s it by? Alexander Payne, director of Sideways and The Descendants
Starring: Bruce Dern, Will Forte, June Squib, Stacey Keach
What’s It About? An old man, his mind addled by age and alcohol, becomes determined to travel from Billings, Montana to Lincoln, Nebraska to collect a million dollar lottery prize he mistakenly believes he’s won.
How Was it? Outstanding. Both Dern’s and Forte’s performances will resonate with anyone who’s had to deal with an aging loved one who stubbornly holds on to an idea despite all evidence to the contrary, and June Squibb is delightful in her Best Supporting Actress-nominated role as Dern’s straight-shooting, long-suffering wife Kate. As with Payne’s earlier work, this one’s about relationships and rediscovering the past as much as it is about the actual events occurring. If you enjoyed his previous Oscar nominee, The Descendants, you’ll like this as well.


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