TV: The Simpsons Marathon

21 Aug

With everything going on in Ferguson, MO (which, admittedly, is not particularly close to either the FatGuys West or South campus) and football training camp in full swing (neither of us play because, well, we’re fat guys, but we’re in MULTIPLE fantasy leagues), we have unfortunately fallen down on our sworn duty to provide you with the latest news and reviews in the entertainment world.  So here’s the summer in a pinch:  Duane didn’t like Lucy.  Charles loved Guardians of the Galaxy and found Let’s Be Cops cute far less obnoxious than he feared.

And now on to the big news, albeit a little bit late:  At 10:00 this morning, not quite 12 hours ago, the FXX network, to celebrate their purchase of the rights to broadcast every episode of the longest running entertainment series in television history (that would be The Simpsons), has decided to do just that.  Starting (as I said) at 10 a.m. today, and running for the next 12 days — 12 DAYS!!– FXX is showing every episode in order.  Every episode.  In order.

Here’s a neat viewing guide  and a quotes quiz, so tune in tonight.  Tune in tomorrow.  Heck, tune in a week from Saturday.  They’ll still be there.


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