The Duff

12 Feb


Going in to see The DUFF (Designated Ugly Fat Friend) I thought, this is going to be one of those typical high school ugly nerdy girl turns pretty prom queen. I thought, this is going to be so predictable, but hey, free movie! Well I will be honest, it was sort of like that and throughout the movie you could predict the next move, for the most part. However, the script was absolutely HILARIOUS with ridiculous dream sequences, witty comebacks by lead actress Mae Whitman and the always funny Ken Jeong, and some pretty funny slapstick from a few characters. To sum the movie up would be to combine Mean Girls with Easy A. While it was a roaring comedy, there was still an important message to be had by ALL viewers no matter what shape, size, gender, etc. We are all somebody’s DUFF.


We meet high school senior, Bianca (Whitman) in the school halls walking with her two best friends Jess and Casey. It’s the typical scene with a few nerds on the sidelines absolutely smoldering in their pants over Jess and Casey but completely ignoring Bianca dressed in plaid flannel, distressed and cuffed overalls, and clunky black shoes. Her two friends are invited to a party held by the slutty, bitchy, most popular girl in school but when Bianca isn’t, her friends bring her anyways. This is where her childhood best friend/neighbor/hottest guy in school, Wesley (Robbie Amell) informs Bianca of her duffiness. She becomes infuriated and storms out of the party, ends her friendship with Jess and Casey for making her their ugly friend all these years, later recognizes the DUFF in each social group and sets on a sort of social experiment with Wesley who is consequently failing chemistry. She wants him to help her talk to her crush and no longer be the DUFF while she helps him pass the class. I think from there you can figure out what ultimately ends up happening.

I very rarely pay to see a movie in the theaters due to high cost of ticket and theater food, however, I would probably pay to watch this again with some of my friends. I will also be adding this to my DVD collection when it comes out.

7 Cheeseburgers

7/10 cheeseburgers for predictability

by Madi Jayne Pareti (Stand in Fat Guy for a day)


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