Movies – Marcus (formerly Wehrenberg) Theaters Sunday Movie Pass

4 Sep

Marcus Theaters is offering a Sunday Movie Pass: $25 for 5 movies, one per week, any time on Sunday between 9/3 and 11/12. I took a look, and there looks like there’s a new movie that I want to see (or at least that I wouldn’t mind seeing) every week during that span except this weekend. In fact, the only week between 9/8 and the end of the year without something I want to see is 12/1.

I actually got my pass today, and was finally able to see The Big Sick, a wonderful autobiographical sort-of-romcom from comedian and actor Kumail Nanjiani. It also includes 20% off on all concessions on Sundays. The pass takes the form of a kind of bulky folded cardboard pamphlet (for lack of a better description), but the savings are quite real.

My want-to-see movies for the rest of the year:

9/8 – IT
9/15 – Mother! / All I See is You
9/22 – Kingsman: The Golden Circle
9/29 – Flatliners / American Made
10/6 – Blade Runner 2049
10/13 – The Foreigner
10/20 – The Snowman
10/27 – Suburbicon
11/3 – Thor: Ragnarok
11/10 – Murder on the Orient Express
11/17 – Justice League
11/22 – Molly’s Game
12/1 – <nothing>
12/8 – The Disaster Artist or The Shape of Water
12/15 – Star Wars: The Last Jedi
12/20 – Jumanji
12/22 – Pitch Perfect 3
12/25 – The Greatest Showman


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