TV – Shows Premiering September 4-10

4 Sep

In an effort to post more regularly as the summer television season runs down and the fall season starts, I’m going to try to post quick rundowns of which shows are returning or premiering in the upcoming week. Check your local listings for times.

source: The TV Addict

Tuesday, September 5

American Horror Story: Cult (FX). The latest season of the popular horror series features politics, clowns, and, apparently, bees. As the title suggests, a cult will develop around one of the main characters. AHS is considered an anthology series in the more modern sense, in that each season stands alone, with new characters and storylines, so if you haven’t watched previous seasons, you can surely jump on now. (IMO, more traditional anthology series change from episode to episode…think Twilight Zone or the current Room 104 or Black Mirror). SEASON 7 PREMIERE

Wednesday, September 6

You’re the Worst (FXX). The FXX anti-romantic comedy starts its fourth season a while after the end of the third. The characters are self-involved and rude, but I find the show extremely funny. Previous seasons and episodes have dealt realistically with such topics as depression and PTSD, but don’t let that put you off. Give it a try. SEASON 4 PREMIERE

Friday, September 8

Bojack Horseman (Netflix). An animated comedy which revolves around Bojack, formerly the star of a family-oriented situation comedy, now a depressed and jaded alcoholic, as he attempts to make a comeback. Oh, and he’s a horse. I haven’t tried this series yet, but it’s on my (way-too-long) “too watch” list. SEASON 4 PREMIERE

Sunday, September 10

The Orville (Fox). The latest from Seth McFarland (Family Guy, American Dad) is a live-action science fiction comedy which riffs on the original Star Trek. Early reviews indicate that the show can’t decide whether it’s a spoof or a send-up, but I’ll watch at least a couple of episodes. SERIES PREMIERE

Outlander (Starz). The time-travelling historical romance returns to its faithful fans. I haven’t watched it, but know a number of folks who swear by it. SEASON 3 PREMIERE

The Deuce (HBO). A new series which charts the rise of legalized porn in the 1970s. Early reviews are good for the series and stars Maggie Gyllenhaal (Jake’s sister) and James Franco (Dave’s brother). Franco plays twin brothers. The first episode is currently available on HBO’s streaming platforms and on-demand. SERIES PREMIERE

Fear the Walking Dead (AMC). The second half of the third season picks up where the first half left off. If you’re not watching now, this isn’t a particularly good place to start. HALF-SEASON PREMIERE



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