TV – Shows Premiering September 11-17

10 Sep

Continuing our quick rundowns of which shows are returning or premiering in the upcoming week. Check your local listings for times.

source: The TV Addict

Monday, September 11

Carol Burnett’s Golden Anniversary (MeTV). Celebrating the 50th anniversary of the premiere of The Carol Burnett Show, MeTV will be airing episodes of Carol Burnett and Friends (the show’s half-hour syndication version) featuring iconic characters and/or sketches. Monday features the classic Gone with the Wind sketch, Tuesday an Exorcist parody, Wednesday is Mr. Tudball and Mrs. Wiggins, Thursday highlights one of the sketches that eventually spun off into Mama’s Family, and Friday is an homage to Sunset Boulevard. And yes, I remember most of these from their original airings (or reruns during the series’ first run), and yes, I feel old. CBS, the series’ original home, will air a star-studded anniversary special in December. SPECIAL EVENT

Tuesday, September 12

The Mindy Project (Hulu). The Mindy Kaling vehicle airs its final season, its third on Hulu and sixth overall (it started out on Fox). I’ve never watched it, but understand it has quite a fan base. If you’re a member of that base, you probably already know about it. FINAL SEASON 6 PREMIERE

Wednesday, September 13

South Park (Comedy Central). The animated sitcom featuring foul-mouthed kids enters its 21st season. I’ve watched and enjoyed particular episodes, and think the spinoff movie is one of the most brilliant musical parodies ever, but have never been a regular viewer. Again, if you are, you probably don’t need a reminder. SEASON 21 PREMIERE

Broad City (Comedy Central). The much-acclaimed, female-centric sketch show starts its fourth season. Regarding my viewership: lather, rinse, repeat (never watched, heard very good things). SEASON 4 PREMIERE

Thursday, September 14

Better Things (FX). Pamela Adlon’s single-mom sitcom. Second season. Heard good things. Don’t watch. SEASON 2 PREMIERE

Sunday, September 17

The Emmy Awards (CBS). The second holiest day of the year at our house, after Oscar Sunday. The Emmys traditionally mark the start of the new television season. This year’s host is Stephen Colbert, which should keep the evening lively. With Game of Thrones not eligible due to the lengthy break between seasons, the path is open for a number of quality shows including This is Us, The Handmaid’s Tale, Westworld, and Big Little Lies. With the number of A-list movie stars appearing in Big Little Lies alone, the night should be even more star-studded than usual. What most people don’t know is that this will actually be the third night of Emmy presentations, with the first two (called the Creative Arts awards, but including acting awards for voice overs and guest stars) having taken place this weekend. Creative Arts winners are listed at the EW Online links below. SPECIAL EVENT
2017 Creative Arts Emmy Winners Night 1
2017 Creative Arts Emmy Winners Night 2

VICE PRINCIPALS (HBO). The second season of the HBO sitcom starring Danny McBride and Walton Goggins. Unlike the shows above, I’ve heard absolutely nothing about this show. Like the shows above, I haven’t watched it. YMMV.  SEASON 2 PREMIERE


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