A brief word about ratings. Ours, that is, not the MPAA’s. That’s another story entirely.

When we started this site, we each contributed something to the ratings scheme. The cheeseburger idea (and corresponding images) was Duane’s, and the 10-point scale was mine. I felt (and Duane can agree or disagree) that it gives us more opportunities for gradation.

My basic scale is this, and it can be adjusted for tv or theater or whatever.

1. Go out and buy this. In case you have to torture someone somewhere down the road.
2. Better than a sharp stick in the eye. Barely.
3. You probably won’t hate yourself for watching, if you stumble on it while flipping channels.
4. Not worth going out of your way to go out and see, but fine for cable viewing. Free cable, that is.
5. Not a waste of money, but not worth rushing out to see. Average.
6. Better than average. By 1.
7. A good, solid piece of entertainment.
8. An extremely good, solid piece of entertainment.
9. A damn near perfect, solid piece of entertainment.
10. Perfect.

I’ll also say that I try to judge a work by what its intent appears to be. A cheap, fun gross-out comedy that is the most fun gross-out comedy it can be may get a better score than a high-falutin’ period drama that misses its mark.

Like I said, that’s how I roll. Duane can certainly disagree.

Also, as long as I’m up on this soapbox (and really, does anyone make a soapbox that can actually be stood on any more?), let me make one thing perfectly clear: My reviews are my opinions. There’s nothing right or wrong about a review. It’s subjective. Read a couple of my reviews and see the movies, and see if you agree. If you do, then keep reading my reviews and trust my recommendations. If you don’t agree, then read my reviews and do the opposite. But most of all, read the darned reviews.

And tell your friends to read them. Heck, tell your enemies. Go ahead. I’ll wait.


I’m a little more lenient than Charles is on the ratings scale… If I truly enjoyed myself I might give it an 8 or 9 even if it really only deserved a 7. I’m not as critical. However, 1-6 are pretty much spot on. I’m not sure I’ve seen any recent 10s though. So I guess what I’m saying is, if you see a 7-9 on my scale… get off the couch and go see it, eat it, read it, etc.

As far as soap boxes go, even those that may be strong enough for some of you to stand on could probably not stand up to these Fat Guys.

Please keep reading and have all your friends/enemies follow along. We hope to make this a very entertaining ride.



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